TheBirdsAtThisHour is 18andCounting’s brick of songs and soundscapes unfolded in a series of 3 events in autumn, 2016

Pt. 3 is the release party at Teen's colaborative visual art studio.
The music project is an indepent release via brick. Buy the brick, download the music. TheOnlyEnsemble will perform two sets. Proper mix sets will carry us the rest of the way. 18 turns 30.

Stemming from late night improv sessions and sonic experiments, TheBirdsAtThisHour is a brooding, paranoia induced, sultry, culmination of tracks collaged from collaborative and isolated recordings at Chisholm's home studio. Built from the mutated moments of analog gear, acoustic instruments, drum machines, electronic tinged vocals, guest players and ghosts in the air.

Driven by sessions with Sarah Vie, Patrick Boland, Barret Crosby, Dolor, Biggie Stardust, Mike Herr, Kullus, Loose Screwz, Brennan England, and Ice

Not an album, just a chunk 2016's activity and experiments.