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August 2008 Solo Exhibition
Student Union Galleries, Chicago, IL
The title XeroxTheirPosture hints at the mimicry of emotions and characteristics that one must adopt each day as we all go about our business. The exhibition acts as a form of people watching, as the audience is encouraged to first see the strangeness of the full-sized, fantastic characters and then learn to relate to them, despite the oddness of the mountain fragments and dripping paint of the abstract landscape that surrounds. As with Brecht’s defamiliarization effect, we are shocked by the absurd to contemplate our own realities.

Stan Chisholm is interested in the various scripts that we follow, often unconsciously, as we present different selves to different publics. Chisholm uses the term “mascot mask” to describe the myriad roles we exhibit in everyday life, and has created physical manifestations of these masks for each of his fantastical figures, their collaged layers denoting both the complexity and development of human character.

XeroxTheirPosture-Title Wall
XeroxTheirPosture-Title Wall